Executive Coaching (4–5 hours)

Science of Well-being Leadership Coaching Series

At CAWS, we have developed a group coaching series to help leaders use the best available evidence, tools and techniques to guide their work-settings through bold new well-being challenges.

These sessions are led by CAWS Lead Coach, Dexter Nolley, together with Bryan Sexton.  Dexter’s experience as a senior healthcare executive, certified coach, and his training in counseling come together in this unique offering for leaders.

The 5 hours are packed with tools, evidence, and opportunities to practice and get personal feedback.

Topics include: Intro to Well-being Coaching, Modeling Psychological Safety, Identifying Signs of Struggle, Responding to Struggle, and weekly opportunities for personal reflection, feedback and growth.

Space is limited to ensure all participants have time for personal feedback.

For more information, contact CAWS Coaching Program Coordinator, Carla Neal (carla.neal@duke.edu).

New sessions to be announced soon.

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