Duke Professional Well-being Resources (Internal)

Duke Professional Assistance Services (EAP): Licensed professionals offer assessment, short-term counseling, and referrals for all Duke staff to help resolve a range of personal, work, and family problems. Appointments: 1-919-416-1727. For Raleigh and out-of-state Employees call Business Health Services: 1-800-327-2251.

Caring for Each Other (CEO): The CEO program provides real-time emotional support for individuals and groups. 24/7 phone line: 919-684-9222.

  • Individual Peer Support. Peers provide emotional support and referrals to peers who want to speak with someone who provides similar work/services.
  • Group Peer Support. Emotional support for teams who have experienced adverse events at work.
  • Emotional Support rounding. Proactive rounding on units to offer emotional support to team members.
  • Conversations with Colleagues. These are group sessions in which peers emotionally support each other on a specific topic, such as fatigue, work/life balance, or racial justice. The sessions are facilitated by licensed Duke social workers.

Chaplain Services: Chaplains are available 24/7 to offer spiritual and emotional support to people of all faiths and belief systems. They provide spiritual and emotional support, and they visit units experiencing adverse events to provide support.

  • Duke University Hospital: 919-684-3586. On evenings/weekends: 919-684-8111 and ask for the chaplain on call.
  • Duke Raleigh Hospital: 919-812-7972 (8 a.m.-9 p.m.). After 9 p.m., contact 919-954-3292.
  • Duke Regional Hospital: Call 919-470-4000 and ask for the chaplain on call  (#1115).

Safety Reporting System (SRS): Online, centralized, confidential reporting tool to report safety incidents.

Critical Incident Response Program (CIRP): High-acuity response team available during and following disruptive events to provide consultations for leaders and mental and emotional support for team members. 919-416-1727.

Office of Institutional Equity: Provides education/support, responds to complaints of discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct. Contact: institutionalequity@duke.edu or 919-684-8222.

Response Resources for Leaders: How to respond to your team members in times of stress.

Duke Teamwork Toolkit: Tips and resources to build teamwork.

Happiness Strategies: Tips and reminders of ways to lift your spirits.

CAWS Well-being Resources
WELL-B Essentials Training (5 hours)/ Live and recorded/ CE available
Monthly Sessions (12 hours across the year)/ Live and recorded/ CE available
Leadership Coaching (5 hours)
Bite-sized Tools